Tuesday, February 28, 2006

pain pain pain

as m'lady dallas would say.

last wednesday was my right hand, knife edge side up a little past my wrist. thursday was my left leg, a little lower than mid-thigh all the way past my ankle. and now today, starting at 2/3 of the way up from left wrist to elbow and ending at midway from elbow to shoulder. yay.

a funny sort of pain, almost makes me dizzy. not sharp really, more like a sheet applied to/ wrapped around the affected area. some pressure helps, blunts the pain a bit.

...maybe the alien is changing position. i wish it would pick one and stay.

Wednesday, February 22, 2006

up curtain?

ahahahahahahahaha!!!!! this photo is priceless! i love it!

it may just be me, but i do think the person is a tad confused.

what do you think?

Monday, February 20, 2006

work work work...

all i do is work, i want to go swimming!

and for those who remember those lines and the oysters, viva captain patch the pirate!!!!

so i was reading this article this morning, and one of the first lines just cracked me up --> "three out of four Americans hate their jobs; many complain of feeling bored, alienated or stressed out."

75%! that's a lot. yikes. i may feel bored, alienated and stressed, in fact i feel all of those three on a regular basis, but overall, i like my job. which is interesting, because in a way i'm surprised i still like my job. i mean because of the stress that i accumulate related to this job.

could it be perhaps a Divine intervention? present continuous tense? mmmm....

Thursday, February 16, 2006

hypothetical convo

"so then, maurice, why don't you like to talk religion at work, seeing that you are a church-going, God-fearing person?"

:well you see, i used to be for the discussion of religion and the encouraging of each other in the work place. but then i saw how devastating hypocrisy could be in that same place, specifically with regards to religion. as a result, hearing that type of talk now turns my stomach.:

"oh. but that surely is a minority?"

:perhaps. whether minority or majority, the devastation is hard to look at. one has to make a stand for some things. this is mine. i refuse to be a part anymore of the playacting, the talking the talk and not walking the walk. i renounce it.:

"but surely someone could benefit from hearing words of light. in taking your position, aren't you perhaps denying someone that comfort?"

:my words don't have that much light these days. i'll leave it to the more faithful of my office.:

"well maurice, thanks for your time, we'll be sure to,"

:don't even say it.:


:you were going to say something along the lines of, we'll pray for you, right?:

"um, well, yes."

:please, i know you mean well, but don't bother to say it. just don't. having this conversation has made me nauseous enough. no offense taken?:

"uh, i guess not. ...well, bye then."


Monday, February 13, 2006


my brain has just turned to mush.

i hate it when that happens!!

Friday, February 10, 2006

things that make me itch

"hello, my name is j.b. and i am a committment-phobe."
"hello j.b."

there is an alcoholics anonymous, a shopaholic anonymous, why isn't there a committmentophobe anonymous??

even the hint of committment causes me to earnestly desire an exit route. any exit route. heck an open ventilation shaft will serve!

Wednesday, February 08, 2006


let the record show that today i ate corn, sweet potatoes, and tomatoes. perhaps 1 serving of each. which means that i do not have to have any more vegetables this week!!!

okay, i'm joking. but that is the most vegetables that i have eaten in one sitting, or even in a week, for a long time.

bravo me!!

Monday, February 06, 2006

vicarious wish?

my sister reads her bible in the mornings. i see her do it. and then she prays. in a prayer position.

i think that is very very cool. me, i read from time to time. and i pray often, but my prayer position is usually flat on my back as i'm lying in bed (evening/morning), or upright sitting at my desk (desperately trying not to forget my home training).

my sister's position on the other hand, reminds me of biblical supplication.

part of me wishes i were more like her...

another part reminds me that we all need to seek our own relationship with salvation; i can't rely on someone else's "ritual" to fill my need, i need to have my own.