Wednesday, July 25, 2007

small price to pay?


somehow i doubt this practise of taking a sharp implement to a delicate piece of equipment will be eagerly approached. sure they'll offer a local anesthetic to dull the pain. and they'll probably even tell the ones who have undergone the procedure to take something like advil to make them more comfortable ex post facto. however, the stomach-clenching, visceral, fact remains that the procedure makes the whole organ want to retreat to a safe place, probably close to one's esophagus.

my family is an advocate for circumcision, probably because we are lazy. lol!!! i mean it takes so much work to flip the piece of skin back to check on the cleanliness status. much easier just to get rid of it so keeping oneself clean becomes moot. joking! my family is not lazy. at least, you couldn't tell from the frenetic pace at which we all travel. but according to the patriarch (and it seems, modern medicine), not having that extra bit of skin helps both the owner of the organ and the owner's intimates stay healthy.

personally, i like it for aesthetic reasons. *wink wink nudge nudge*

more seriously, i wonder if the idea will catch on in the countries mentioned as "hotspots?" there anyway to package it as a marque of pride? ...connect it to the marriage market? because otherwise, i see folks (= men) getting on the high, mighty, and morally outraged horse of, "of course i'm clean, and so are my intimates."

imo, the above is one of the most stupid equines to ride; doesn't get anyone anywhere except hanging from a stirrup by one foot, being dragged through the sand by the racing beast.

Wednesday, July 18, 2007


working my way from the roof of the car, down to the front of the car.

to the right, there is a pic of the crack in the windshield, probably a little over 5 inches long. not to worry though, it will probably elongate as time goes by; it has already gotten longer between yesterday and this morning.

below, the windshield crack meets the gouge in the black rubber shielded whatever-that-is, and the gouge in the panel between the door and the body of the car.

3rd in line, we have the pterosaur scars as well as the lamp that is now missing its cover. kind of reminded me of when uncle geo's dog got its eye scooped out and it was hanging from the optic nerve. yeah the side headlamp was doing the same, but i managed to click it back together.

and lastly there is the long scrape that i did not notice until this morning. i saw it last night when the cops took the report, but i thought that i was imagining things. guess i was not. could have been a lot worse.

Monday, July 16, 2007

une brie

et avec cela, un morceau du pain, peut-être un peu du vin...

faut pas aimer les filles,
veux plus aimer les mecs,
quoi faire?

marcher seule n'est pas moche
mais des temps en temps on veut montrer ce qu'on a vu aux autres;
le désir de partager, voilà le piège.

well i guess it's a good thing that i don't have aspirations to be a poet...

Friday, July 13, 2007

le libération

okay, i enjoy reading libé for the articles. this much is true. but the pictures that appear there are also what draw me.

for example, this one of a runway show for the "Nouvelles technologies et produits et sur la reproduction" expo. yes, mes amis, her dress is made from condoms, all shapes, colors, and sizes.

and this one also caught my eye. these folk are protesting against environmental pollution and the ubiquity of cars. worthy things to protest indeed. and since the people are wearing barely anything, i'm sure folks paid at least a little attention.

i like libé.

Wednesday, July 11, 2007


i saw this article on man crushes linked over at applegeeks. <--great comic! and aido's comic is also really really good, but she hasn't updated in a hella long time. *sad sigh* i hope she goes back to regular updates soon.

at any rate, the article was funny because of the title and funnier because it is true. you should read it. yes, read it now. now!

Tuesday, July 10, 2007

caché derrière

i read this article on msn about a dad's dating scene after he got divorced. it was interesting seeing things from a guy's point of view. since they offered his website at the end of the article i went ahead and surfed over there. to my surprise, the man is black. i'm not quite sure why this suprised me so much. perhaps because msn's relationship articles seem so white much of the time. and yes i know that i am being stereotypical. i know i know i know, shame on me, tsk tsk, etc., etc.

at any rate, he's a writer and his books seem interesting. i might have to see if the library has them in stock.

Monday, July 02, 2007

la progression normale

or perhaps not so normal...

my friend, when she got married, looked like a fairy princess. she really did. complete with the dress, the veil, and the hair.

now she is pregnant (what an odd word), and she looks like an earth mother. she actually makes active fertility appear as a good idea. not many women can do that, as far as i know.

i'm proud to know her.