Thursday, February 16, 2006

hypothetical convo

"so then, maurice, why don't you like to talk religion at work, seeing that you are a church-going, God-fearing person?"

:well you see, i used to be for the discussion of religion and the encouraging of each other in the work place. but then i saw how devastating hypocrisy could be in that same place, specifically with regards to religion. as a result, hearing that type of talk now turns my stomach.:

"oh. but that surely is a minority?"

:perhaps. whether minority or majority, the devastation is hard to look at. one has to make a stand for some things. this is mine. i refuse to be a part anymore of the playacting, the talking the talk and not walking the walk. i renounce it.:

"but surely someone could benefit from hearing words of light. in taking your position, aren't you perhaps denying someone that comfort?"

:my words don't have that much light these days. i'll leave it to the more faithful of my office.:

"well maurice, thanks for your time, we'll be sure to,"

:don't even say it.:


:you were going to say something along the lines of, we'll pray for you, right?:

"um, well, yes."

:please, i know you mean well, but don't bother to say it. just don't. having this conversation has made me nauseous enough. no offense taken?:

"uh, i guess not. ...well, bye then."



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