Monday, February 06, 2006

vicarious wish?

my sister reads her bible in the mornings. i see her do it. and then she prays. in a prayer position.

i think that is very very cool. me, i read from time to time. and i pray often, but my prayer position is usually flat on my back as i'm lying in bed (evening/morning), or upright sitting at my desk (desperately trying not to forget my home training).

my sister's position on the other hand, reminds me of biblical supplication.

part of me wishes i were more like her...

another part reminds me that we all need to seek our own relationship with salvation; i can't rely on someone else's "ritual" to fill my need, i need to have my own.


Blogger The One and Only Loki said...

Pardon me but refer to the "Notes and Thoughts". You cant miss the tailored reply to your entry:)


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