Friday, September 15, 2006

dame de beaute

qu'elle est belle... qu'elle est charmante...

how can one not love such as this? *sigh*

Tuesday, September 12, 2006

cosine wave

i'm okay with the ups and downs in the day. over the course of the day i think it's normal to experience feeling good and perhaps feeling not so good.

BUT. i think it's a little excessive to have repeated highs and lows within an hour. what the hell? happy sad happy sad, i'm like a freakin pendulum on speed.

Monday, September 11, 2006

lyrics for every day

yea i do believe it:

"life's a bitch and then you die"

but that isn't a depressing creedo. in fact, i find it rather liberating. when you don't expect fabulous-ly great things to happen or when you expect life to generally suck, when things turn out well your "cup runneth over." and isn't that a lovely feeling.

in other news, i finally saw ultraviolet this weekend (the movie, not the frequency). it could have been a lot better. but it wasn't as bad as i had heard.

in still further news, my heart continues to shrink and shrivel up. the pool is now open; throw in your bet on when my heart will completely turn to dust and i'll truly embody the soul-less monster i dream of being.

oh yeah, and here are some more lyrics that are running through my mental filing cabinets:

"sheep go to heaven,/goats go to hell/sheep go to heaven,/goats go to hell"

Wednesday, September 06, 2006

hello intersex!

a great article on intersex fish found over at msnbc. lots of potential. check it out.

but you know what? i'll only get excited when male fish produce mature eggs. and i'll spontaneously combust with sheer glee when those eggs are fertilized by other sperm-bearing fish and "normal" baby fish result. you'll hear my gales of laughter all the way to mongolia (okay, not quite that far, but you get my point).

*happy sigh* i love nature.

different strokes

check out this article==>reunion island and chikungunya. caveat: it's written in french, so have a translator/dictionary handy.

granted i am not in possession of all of the facts. who is? but i'd hazard a guess that if this epidemic had appeared in norway, or the u.s. (but only certain parts), or great britain, it'd be a whole different game of soccer. and that's a daggone shame.

Monday, September 04, 2006

crappy weekend

yeah. i had one of those. absolutely crappy.

i should walk around with duct-tape over my mouth at all times. in fact there are many times i wish God would just strike me mute. but then i reflect... i'd probably raise as much of a ruckus signing as i do speaking. darn.

anyway, to the rest of y'all out there who had decent hopes for this long weekend, and then had those hopes dashed like the children of israel, mourning by the rivers of israel, i feel your pain. *sigh*