Friday, June 23, 2006

the irony is that

i will not die because of this. the lack thereof, to be more precise.

most likely because i go to class on a regular basis. and even if i did not, i don't think i'd die just because of this, or the lack thereof. humans are quite resiliant. and can survive many things.

this isn't even an essential requirement for survival, unlike oxygenated air, water, sleep, and nutrients... i'd say it was a luxury, like a flush toilet, or running water. you can live without, but it's a warmer world with.

Tuesday, June 20, 2006

am not -- did not

first, i am not suffering due to a break-up.

erhum! <--throat clearing, in case you wondered.

and because i am not suffering and am not wanting to react in a big way, i did not:
-go to augusta with les amis
-walk the riverwalk
-have dinner with much sake at that lovely japanese place
-go to the highly recommended tatoo place and get the chinese character "ai" put discretely on my body by a talented person holding a sharp instrument

even though since i was in a right place at a wrong time, i am no longer eligible to give blood donations ever again. and giving blood donations was a reason in the past that i have not gotten a tat. of course the other reason was due to a couple scriptural references. but logically those references, although relevant to the time they were used, have much less relevance (if they have relevance at all) to my now-time and now-culture.

Tuesday, June 06, 2006

strange things, horatio

okaaay. this article pretty much fell beyond the range of my weird meter. i mean, plastic surgery to increase your cup size, or correct a cleft palate is one thing. but making your head ressemble a cat's head, complete with implanted whiskers? are you serious??

the more i see, the more i wonder what in the hell this world is getting to.