Friday, November 30, 2007


food items on my list of good include waffles. waffles are good with syrup, or yogurt, or jams/jellies/preserves, or peanut butter. waffles are also good as a side for chili, and/or scrambled eggs. waffles should be crispy and they should not be soft.

...i had something more profound to say, perhaps on the comparison between people and waffles. but then the words went away. because people aren't like waffles at all. people are people, waffles are waffles, and i am other, when compared to you. we can be in close physical proximity, but that doesn't guarantee that i know what you are, and that you know what i am.

i wish we were as simple as waffles.

Monday, November 26, 2007


awkward is a funny word. makes me think of misspellings and aardvarks, which makes me think of aardwolves. i think they are extinct, but i'm not sure.

i saw blades of glory for the second time this weekend. there is an interesting scene of awkwardness, the kissing and the sno cones, for those who have viewed. in spite of the awkward, i saw a bit of aww-how-sweet in there anyway.

and the above leads into --> there was a moment of awkward this weekend. no kissing was involved though, or any other messiness of the fleshy nature. it wasn't a bad awkward... and i rather hope that there was a small amount of aww-how-sweet in the middle of the forehead slapping *doh!, idiot!*

Monday, November 12, 2007

one of those

yeah so i mock fanboys and fangrrls mercilessly. because it's fun. yeah.

unfortunately, today makes me realize that i am one of them. over at megatokyo, joy has come to the world in the form of a small one. and when i found out, all i could do was squeee. yes. i actually squeed. *deep sigh* ah how the mighty hath fallen.

in other news, i am finally admitting that the stress of my job is affecting my health. what am i going to do, you might ask? ...all i will say for now, is that i have a plan. yesssss...