Monday, February 20, 2006

work work work...

all i do is work, i want to go swimming!

and for those who remember those lines and the oysters, viva captain patch the pirate!!!!

so i was reading this article this morning, and one of the first lines just cracked me up --> "three out of four Americans hate their jobs; many complain of feeling bored, alienated or stressed out."

75%! that's a lot. yikes. i may feel bored, alienated and stressed, in fact i feel all of those three on a regular basis, but overall, i like my job. which is interesting, because in a way i'm surprised i still like my job. i mean because of the stress that i accumulate related to this job.

could it be perhaps a Divine intervention? present continuous tense? mmmm....


Blogger paseasquirt said...

Just don't go swimming in quarries!!!

Hmmm...I also like my job, at times boring (not lately though), definetly stressed frequently and no longer feeling alienated since I switched from oysters to fisheries! I guess I am not part of that 75%. But they did they say anything about the absurbities of being a state employee?? and the lack of compensation for a job well done??

Blogger beanchild said...

nah, they did not reference anytype of compensation that i recall. i think that lack goes w/out saying. lol!


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