Monday, September 11, 2006

lyrics for every day

yea i do believe it:

"life's a bitch and then you die"

but that isn't a depressing creedo. in fact, i find it rather liberating. when you don't expect fabulous-ly great things to happen or when you expect life to generally suck, when things turn out well your "cup runneth over." and isn't that a lovely feeling.

in other news, i finally saw ultraviolet this weekend (the movie, not the frequency). it could have been a lot better. but it wasn't as bad as i had heard.

in still further news, my heart continues to shrink and shrivel up. the pool is now open; throw in your bet on when my heart will completely turn to dust and i'll truly embody the soul-less monster i dream of being.

oh yeah, and here are some more lyrics that are running through my mental filing cabinets:

"sheep go to heaven,/goats go to hell/sheep go to heaven,/goats go to hell"


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