Tuesday, September 12, 2006

cosine wave

i'm okay with the ups and downs in the day. over the course of the day i think it's normal to experience feeling good and perhaps feeling not so good.

BUT. i think it's a little excessive to have repeated highs and lows within an hour. what the hell? happy sad happy sad, i'm like a freakin pendulum on speed.


Blogger The One and Only Loki said...

After some math analyisis. it appears that all of your posts around this time. 1.5- 2 week of the month you are ticked. My team of researchers have comcluded that you are paying for the sins of Eve.

Team Loki of the Loki Institute of Technology and all else that is B.S.

Blogger beanchild said...

lol. u 3 $+0p1|). lol.


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