Wednesday, July 18, 2007


working my way from the roof of the car, down to the front of the car.

to the right, there is a pic of the crack in the windshield, probably a little over 5 inches long. not to worry though, it will probably elongate as time goes by; it has already gotten longer between yesterday and this morning.

below, the windshield crack meets the gouge in the black rubber shielded whatever-that-is, and the gouge in the panel between the door and the body of the car.

3rd in line, we have the pterosaur scars as well as the lamp that is now missing its cover. kind of reminded me of when uncle geo's dog got its eye scooped out and it was hanging from the optic nerve. yeah the side headlamp was doing the same, but i managed to click it back together.

and lastly there is the long scrape that i did not notice until this morning. i saw it last night when the cops took the report, but i thought that i was imagining things. guess i was not. could have been a lot worse.


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