Tuesday, June 20, 2006

am not -- did not

first, i am not suffering due to a break-up.

erhum! <--throat clearing, in case you wondered.

and because i am not suffering and am not wanting to react in a big way, i did not:
-go to augusta with les amis
-walk the riverwalk
-have dinner with much sake at that lovely japanese place
-go to the highly recommended tatoo place and get the chinese character "ai" put discretely on my body by a talented person holding a sharp instrument

even though since i was in a right place at a wrong time, i am no longer eligible to give blood donations ever again. and giving blood donations was a reason in the past that i have not gotten a tat. of course the other reason was due to a couple scriptural references. but logically those references, although relevant to the time they were used, have much less relevance (if they have relevance at all) to my now-time and now-culture.


Blogger The One and Only Loki said...

For real?!!? Can i have one too?

Blogger beanchild said...


a place opened up near me and it costs $200 for custom work. you got the money, they've got the needles. muahahahahaha!


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