Wednesday, May 14, 2008


it's a funny thing, how one doesn't know what kind of support one actually needs until one reaches out and is denied that support. not a denial stemming from malice; one will give the benefit of the doubt and say it is a denial stemming from ignorance.

it is rather like walking into a door that one thought would have opened, or been already open. the sudden physical shock, the mental surprise, the faint chagrin, and the hope no one noticed. the resolution, perhaps subconscious, to make certain the door is open next time.

which brings one to the next point. continuing the door analogy, does one now avoid that particular port of ingress/egress? not saying one avoids the building altogether; that would be silly.

one discards the analogy, and asks the questions: is it a deal-breaker?, does one need to discuss the incident and the implicit "need" that was not met?

the funny flash-point words and phrases... i know i have mine. so does l'autre. sometimes it becomes difficult to speak due to the wealth of landmines inherent in the conversation.


and in other news, there will be a slight format change this month. from time to time i will be posting bits of my writing. i will tag them before and behind, so that the reader will have the choice to skip or not skip. as always, gare à toi, lecteur. if after reading, your eyes burn and water, do not blame me.


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