Friday, February 22, 2008


i never really liked the milk and cow analogy. and here's why:

--a cow will kick over the milk bucket, or kick you.
--a cow will swish its tail across your face and put dirt into the milk bucket.

this is what cows do. cows are messy; in both senses of the word. yeah i said it.

i actually prefer the fleece and sheep analogy. and here's why: i like wool better than milk. simple, eh? plus sheep are better looking. something about cows and their googly eyes...

at any rate, if i can get the fleece freely, can someone explain why i'd shell out my hard earned dinero to either buy the fleece or buy the sheep? if i can get the fleece for free, heck, why would i even rent the sheep? in fact, if the sheep will shear itself and wash the fleece, then give it to me with its blessing, darn it if i won't drive out of my way through snow to take that fleece thankfully. all without any sort of obligation.

and that, mes amis, is why sheep don't do such things. because they value their fleeces. oh wait, that's not why. sheep don't have opposable thumbs. that's why they don't do that.


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