Wednesday, April 02, 2008

looking out

i'm on a train. one of those high-speed trains where the signs on the platform say: caution, runs quiet and fast. those signs are deceptive in a way. they don't quite carry the essence of the energy contained by one of those trains, especially if they are an express passing your station and you happen to be waiting. i have no question that if i stand too close i will be easily sucked over as the train goes by. and while the trains are quiet, as opposed to those lumbering cargo trains, it's a powerful quiet that leaves you breathless after it has passed.

i'm not on the platform though. i'm on the train itself, watching the scenery flow past. i'm riding in comfort and yet... i look forward to the destination with a delicious anticipation and yet...

couldn't we just stop the train for a moment? just a pause for me to catch my breath and maybe smell the air?

i'm drunk with travel and am stumbling over my feet.


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