Tuesday, March 04, 2008

off the fence

on the subject of prayer...

who can tell whether or not the answer comes about as a result of divine interaction, coincidence, or mind-over-matter? i know i cannot.

and so i choose to believe that coincidences do not happen. ever. and i choose to believe in a divinity that works in ways beyond my comprehension, even to the point of giving us powers that we use only subconsciously.

i also choose to plant my faith in an entity that i have never seen in its entirety. i do believe that i have seen slices here and there, but to say i have seen the divine, in the same sense that i see the apple before me... no i cannot say that.

it's funny about choices...

at one time i put less emphasis in the active choosing. and now, right now, at this exact moment now, i believe in the power of choice. i choose you. and i reaffirm my choice when i see you, and even when i don't.


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