Monday, May 28, 2007

i hold up my paw

it may not be a thing of interest for you, but it occurred to me while i was in the can, that i've been clean since january (with one exception). and this in the presence of temptation.

i'm pretty proud of that fact. not in a loud, in-your-face kind of way, but more in an oh-maybe-i'm-less-self-destructive-than-i-thought-how-cool-is-that kind of way.

...of course the nit-picker window-peepers might say that while i've been clean of one "vice" i've picked up another. to them i say bah. the latter gives me more peace of mind than the former did.


Blogger xavjuan said...

Clean of what?? Knitting at night? (horrible for the eyes)

Blogger beanchild said...

lol. yeah, night knitting is definitely not as positive as night swimming (as long as one is swimming in the sea).


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