Tuesday, April 10, 2007


...i realize that i'm quite angry with you. well, i've known that for a while, but the reason why cyrstallized for me just now. i'm angry with you because i thought we were friends. i really did. i thought we were friends and then you cut me dead in the street. not just once but repeatedly. i didn't think i had done you wrong, you never said i had done you wrong. in fact there was no explanation at all. just the snubs.

but that wasn't all. after the slights, there came the petty rudenesses, the little digs, and the sarcasm. i couldn't figure it out, and let me tell you, i really tried to. was it my new job? did you feel abandoned? what?? but you never said. when i tried to ask, you cut me off; i guess you just couldn't take the time. was i no longer worth it? was our friendship no longer worth it?

i was really hurt. there were some days when i was almost in tears. but after a while, the hurt solidified and changed. deep down i suppose i'm still hurt. however now the hurt has become anger. anger because i cared, and apparently you didn't. anger because i left myself open towards you, and apparently it was sufficient for you to take advantage of the opening.


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