Thursday, April 05, 2007


sleep is very important. i know because i read it in a book. then i read it in a magazine. also, my mom used to tell me so. therefore it's got to be true.


these last couple of days i'm running on serious sleep deficit (<--did i spell that right?). i know this because i can't concentrate, i'm ready to bite folks' heads off when they say good morning/hello/how are ya, i'm sleepy all the time, and all i really want for easter is an caffeine iv shunt. and the horrible thing is that i haven't been going to bed late; i've been in bed at a reasonable hour but i don't sleep well. i wake up in the middle of the night for no apparent reason, i toss and turn, it's really kind of frustrating. i'd be rebellious and just stay up all night (because what's the use of going to bed early if there isn't a pay off), but then i might just get into a car accident on the way to work, and that would not even be worth the hassle.

but here's the funny thing. i wake up before my alarm goes off. AND. i don't have a problem getting out of bed these past few days.

so should i really complain...?


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