Thursday, July 27, 2006

mi boyo & pie

this is mi boyo. don't he look fine? all professional and suchlike. yeah he do. yeah he do!

and in other, utterly unrelated news. the other night there was pie. and the pie was delicious. and it came also with ice cream. of the yummy variety. and i thought hey wait just a darn minute... you're trying to make me fat, aren't you?!? or worse, trying to make my suger high so i have to walk 2 miles every night in order to survive without loosing my feet to gangrene!!!!

and then of course, i calmed down and ate some pie. with some ice cream. and proclaimed it good. very good.


Blogger JohnK said...

Love the shiny shirt.
-John Kelley

Blogger beanchild said...

lol! yeah i guess it is pretty shiny isn't it.


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