Wednesday, July 05, 2006

things folks do...

this morning i was surfing liberation, as is my wont; it's always a good thing to keep abreast of the news. and i came across this article on hair removal. a pretty inocuous descriptor but honestly the article made my jaw drop. i was almost a bit horrified; modesty is quite dead, isn't she.

the interesting thing is that the article isn't just about women. i'd suggest altavista's babelfish translator if french isn't quite your forté, or alternatively libé might send you a translation if you ask them.


Blogger The One and Only Loki said...

i know you purposely posted an article that only the linguistically challenged folk like yours trully the one and only Loki cannot enojoy:(
You are such a French closet nationalist. Love ya anyways beanie.

Blogger The One and Only Loki said...

After hours of sitting here with a french English Dictionary I can only say... wow, I MUST MOVE TO FRANCE HAHA.

Blogger beanchild said...

ahahahahaha! what, didn't my link to babelfish help??

well. glad you got the jist of the article. lol.


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