Monday, July 17, 2006


yes i realize there are rules for dating. those unwritten, invisible-to-the-naked-eye, rules that nevertheless reign supreme on the dating scene. but i surely didn't realize that playing games was one of them. sue me. i guess i don't work the scene as much as i used to.

imo, games aren't such a good thing. if you want to see me, if i want to see you, then why pretend otherwise? also, if you're not a "scintillating person 24/7" what does that matter? heck, neither am i. there's no need to force yourself to seem other than what you are. in fact, if you do, i'd call that false advertising, or fraud, depending on my mood.

and then there's the whole "guys quit with the compliments." mmm, i just don't know. if i think you're cute, funny, and dress like you actually understand the color wheel, i'm going to say so. and you should too. honesty is a good policy. say what you feel. i'm a grown person. and if that honesty ends up hurting my delicate feelings, then with the professional help of dr. beam, among others, i'll eventually get over it. slight digression to say that honesty cut with gentle-ness is the best, no make that the best-est, policy.

it pains me but i gotta admit that i agree with the "ladies take his number" though. but only for security reasons. ladies who keep their numbers aren't playing a game, they are just keeping their sweet behinds safer.


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