Wednesday, May 24, 2006

fact 'n' fiction

the new whipping boy is of course, the da vinci code movie. someone remind me if there was this much controversy with jurassic park... h'mmm, wait, jurassic park was basically a biology/ecology book, while da vinci is apparently religiously based... never mind, now i understand.

this article actually makes comments on the errors in the book. well. as someone reminded me the other day, the book (thus movie) is actually fiction. as in, it's not a true story. why be surprised then if there are errors? point of fact, those aren't errors, those are literary devices, evidences of artistic license.

why then are folks getting so het up over fiction? i think it's a knee-jerk reaction. when i first read the book, i thought how ridiculous. the second time i read it, i thought, interesting concept, but i don't believe it. even i, for a moment, treated this piece of mind candy with the same amount of... respect, as i gave to eunuchs for the kingdom, an actual piece of scholarly work. shame shame shame on me!

i'd like to blame dan brown, his publisher, and his publicist. but it's not their fault that i (and others) suspended our x-factor for longer than we should.


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