Wednesday, May 03, 2006


is all i have to say after reading this.'s not like i think things will change though. my cynicism is too deeply ingrained for that. however i am a bit horrified that we as a country, a supposedly democratic & God-fearing country, are still killing folks. and yes i realize the irony in what i just said.

but. i have the solution. hit the inmate with a 2x4 across the back of the head, a good hit, knock him/her right out. and then give the injection. or even better, hit 'em the first time hard enough to kill. alternatively, because that might disturb the viewers, give 'em enough of the anesthesia to stop their heart. a third alternative, find another solution in lieu of killing folk. yea, you, the reader are laughing at me. that's okay, i'm laughing at me too. and you're right, that last option, that's crazy talk.


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