Thursday, May 11, 2006


i'm coming to believe that mornings (not mondays) suck. i don't think i've felt well in the mornings for at least a month. pisses me off actually. but in a weak, vague sort of way. i rather hate it, but can't pull together enough energy to be viciously (<--that word looks strangely foreign this morning), vituperative.

but anyhow, y'all folks that read my blog, go out and support stephin merritt by buying his albums. better yet, write him tons of fan letters. and shun both sasha frere-jones (of the new yorker magazine) and jessica hopper (of the chicago reader, a music contributor). shun them publically and write letters of disgust over their irresponsible conduct to their editors. it's time we got back to journalistic integrity! <--and as a result of that lone exclamation mark, i now have no more energy. *sigh* but with the last dregs i'll post the link for the article that has curdled my stomach even more than it is already curdled. tmi, i know. sorry, sorry.

oh yeah, btw, journalistic integrity... isn't that an oxymoron? *weakly laughing*


Blogger paseasquirt said...

You gave me an interesting read for a Friday morning. I almost wonder what he did to piss those two off to begin with, because they seem to be sticking to their schtick with a passion that seems rather unreasonable. Anyone else that they lamblast this way?

Blogger beanchild said...

good question. i have no idea. glad it gave you an interesting read.

Blogger walterbrooks35245460 said...

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