Friday, March 16, 2007


it's really not all that complicated. i'm crazy. <-- that explains it all.

but besides that très obvious fact, the reason that it's not complicated is my lack of faith in my fellow bean. since i don't have faith, things that others may take for granted i do not. sure you might have faith that the sun will come up, that gravity works, love will be constant, etc. ... i, on the other hand, hope that those things occur. when they do, i am pleasantly surprised, but i don't take them for granted. because who knows but that the sun has already shrunken like a dried piece of cheese and tomorrow marks the beginning of cold darkness...

anotherside is that i mourn the loss of the love, and i have controlling stock in suction cup shoes, even if they are not necessary. do you see how this might put a crimp in my life?

...but tis more than a crimp; it sets me adrift in the interconnectedness. the philotic links are but an attractive dream...

forget pouring me another, just give me the damn bottle.


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