Tuesday, March 06, 2007

farm implements

death is a funny thing... you know it's inevitable, no matter what scientists say, but when it hits, it's still some sort of unpleasant surprise...

short of pulling a dr. frankenstein (or a fitzchivalry), there's not much one can do at that point, except to fall back, regroup, drink to saro, and hope that a better day will dawn...

"better days are comin/ by and by/ when i reach that city lawd/ way up in the sky/ (my) troubles will be over/ i'll be home at last/ better days are comin/ by and by"

...many types of death. death of the body, death of the spirit, death of faith... i think i'd prefer the first, rather than the latter 2. i've seen those three... the first one's the cleanest...


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