Friday, April 07, 2006


didn't he write something called metamorphose? or was it kafka? or was it both...?

it's funny how things change over time. body temperature as a complex function of external thermal inputs and outputs for one example. gradually coming to like beets, or dislike raisins for another.

associations change too. i dived in, and the water was fine, albeit a little chilly. and we swam together in the datastream, and exchanged packets of information. but a time has arrived when we are no longer as synchronous as we were. is that a shame? should we resend the initiation codes again?

my loves, i find that i am not as motivated as i once was. for a time (undefined function) i may have to swim with others. gain & share what i can with someones who aren't you (indefinate plural).

will i miss you? perhaps. and i hear that you already miss me. perhaps we lost touch before i recognized it?

..this wasn't a digression. in sharing packets, and exchanging them, we all grow and change. sometimes into things that we don't realize til it happened, things that we didn't expect we would become. i'm still in flux i guess...


Blogger paseasquirt said...

ummmm...I think I need to steal you out of Columbia and bring you down here to the beach, way too many pc metaphores in that blog. Or maybe I just need to come up and steal you for an ice cream run....mmmm ice cream for dinner sounds great right now!

Blogger beanchild said...

too many pc metaphores?? is that even possible? lol!!! yeah, i think the sleep deprivation is getting to me. lol!

ice cream is always a good call for dinner.


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