Thursday, March 09, 2006


is a funny word.

according to my favorite online dico, virtue has manliness as a root. which says to me that it is a male word. nothing that exciting therein, except that the many times i've heard it, the word has been used in a feminine context. which, according to webster, indicates chastity...

but what i was going to say is that "patience is a virtue." ...i am not virtuous. lol! patience is certainly not one of my strong points.

in related news, i've gotten 2lbs of fruit, and the wine. this over the past few weeks; got the wine last night. i only need 2 more lbs of fruit and the steeping can begin. i'd really love to pick up the rest of the fruit today. but i'm going to wait til next week.

i mean, just because i'm using credit instead of cash, that doesn't = reckless spending. ...or does it...? no! it doesn't! temptation get away from me!


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