Wednesday, March 22, 2006

ahhh, science!

i happened across this article in slate today. the entire thing was quite good.

one of my favorite parts is the following:
"The risk of today's genetic genealogy tests is that they tend to divide people into groups, whereas the real message that emerges from genealogy is one of connections."

however his conclusion is just too pat:
"People may like to think that they're descended from some ancient group while other people are not. But human ancestry doesn't work that way, since we all share the same ancestors just a few millenniums ago. As that idea becomes more widely accepted, arguments over who's descended from Jesus won't result in lawsuits. And maybe, just maybe, people will have one less reason to feel animosity toward other branches of the human family." <--emphasis mine.

whatever, my friends, whatever. folks will always have reasons to feel animosity towards their brethern, realized or otherwise. and perhaps if science ever gets out to the layman and penetrates his thick skull, the layman might abandon his flawed device of "race.", i can't even type that with a serious mindset. race, and all it's accessories, paraphenalia, is with us til kingdom come.

and in that vein, come quickly Lord Jesus, come quickly...


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