Tuesday, July 05, 2005

waves on lake superior

we used to vacation on the shores of lake superior, the michigan side. and we would play in that freezing water for hours. even in july that water was cold. oh my!

and we'd be in the water, and every so often a wave would surprise us. because for some reason we'd be facing the shore instead of "open water," and a wave would crash over us from behind. cold, shocking, water. (i'd love to be up there again. in a tent, with a camp stove; feeling minnows nibbling the toes as one sits with feet in the water; dawn over the lake... but i digress)

bsda is like that. members there offer shocking bits of information. the cold part comes crashing over me when i realize that perhaps there is truth in their ravings. and that truth is thoroughly undermining my theological fortress of all i hold dear. perhaps this is a good thing, and the resulting foundation will be more... rightly founded. because it's not like i'm going to just throw away all i have learned. i'm looking at this experience as an opportunity to gain more light. be more convinced of what i believe and why i believe it. build up a better foundation.

but change is rough. i've taken a lot of things for granted. and i don't like the uncertainty part that precedes enlightenment.


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