Thursday, June 09, 2005

sifting chaff

growing up, i learned certain things about seventh day adventism. and how i learned them, i'm fuzzy on now. i'm pretty sure i learned some stuff from my parents though, and probably some from my friends, and some from my sabbath school teachers. i'd like to think i learned some stuff from the Bible.

but now, i'm trying to separate what i learned from other sources, and what is actually written in the Bible. and it is hard to see the words for what they are, instead of how they are portrayed by church folk.

i'm not a scholar of exegenesis and hermeneutics, or greek or latin or hebrew or aramaic. almost every time i see/hear the words exegenesis and hermeneutics, i have to look them up otherwise i don't understand what they mean. all i have as resource is the Bible + the Holy Spirit. and shouldn't that be enough?

through the association with certain folk (who will remain nameless for the time being) i am beginning to question some basic tenets i had thus far taken as gold. i'm also beginning to question some things that i might not have agreed to, but deep down i was comfortable with.

it feels like my world is shifting, and i don't know where/how it will end up afterwards.

who expects the floor one is standing on to move?


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