Wednesday, January 03, 2007

things folk say...

as i was perusing libé, i saw an article on alternative methods of procreation. and one of the people mentioned said that it was "tellement injuste de ne pas pouvoir avoir mon enfant biologique juste parce que je ne pouvais pas le porter." umm, yes the woman was right. it is extremely unfair. but you know what? that, my friend, is life. life is unfair. suck it up and deal. the rest of us have to do this on a daily basis. why not you?

okay, i realize i'm being a little unfair. but i keep thinking, why do we always have to whine about the unfairness of life, as if it was a big surprise? is it really a novel idea that life is not fair?? somehow i think not.

best of luck to the 6 cases mentioned in the article. personally, i see no real reason for doctors to be involved with them except to do the procedure. or rather, the morality behind the decision to proceed in the procedure is something for the doctors not to be a part of; the decision (moral vs immoral) belongs squarely to the patients.


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