Monday, October 23, 2006


there are some folks that you think are your friends. maybe they are and maybe not. but while you think they are friends, that's how you treat them.

the problem is that when they decide, "thanks i've had enough," their absence leaves a hole. and after a while, there's so many holes that there isn't any more cheese. what do you do then?


Blogger The One and Only Loki said...

I hear ya. I read recently that the human mind can only handle 5 close friends at a time... I think some lonely scientist figured that out:) Anyways, dont go looking for 5 ya hear me? Because you can only have 4 since you will always have the Loki:)

Blogger beanchild said...

only 5 close friends at a time, eh? h'mmm, well at least i have you, loki. :D


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