Monday, December 04, 2006

er-hum!! yer attention pls

for them that was in the know, and even for them that wasn't (i loves you too fersure), behold:

this is what i was doing this past november. writing when it was easy, and writing when i thought i would have to dig the thoughts out of my head with a metal hook. there was a muse, but she appeared briefly and under differing guises. ...i really hope i meet her again, no matter what she looks like. it was intoxicating being with her, absolutely intoxicating. *sigh*
at any rate, nanowrimo is THE PLACE to be in november. woot!


Blogger John said...

What name did you write under? (english or french)

Blogger beanchild said...

twas french. but i don't have an exerpt (sp?) up as i pulled a luddite and wrote longhand. at the moment i'm in progress in typing it out. ick. lol.


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