Friday, January 19, 2007

oh my burning eyes!!

for those who wonder, the wounds are beginning to heal. last night some of the scar tissue pulled a little and that hurt like fyah fyah, but i think that if i can keep from bothering it, i'll be alright. it's funny though, you make a movement without thinking and then there is massive pain. oops.

in other news, here is one example of why i love the onion. and here is a second.

let the reader beware that the first link does contain material perhaps not suitable for small children. heck, after seeing the pics, i'm pretty sure that it's not really suitable for older children, grown folk, or the elderly either. lol! now the second link, while funny, reminds me of a discussion that takes place here on a semi-regular basis. the relevant discussions aren't nearly as amusing as that onion link, but it's good to keep up with what folk are thinking i suppose. that way one's lies can become that much better. lol. oh it hurts to laugh! danggit.


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