Tuesday, January 03, 2006


first of all, welcome to the new year. i hope it is better than last year.

second of all. the other day i put a couple new blue crabs into one of the tanks i take care of. which made it three good size crabs in a 55-g. and once i got the 2 in there, i realized that three is a tight fit. but the alternative was to starve the 2 to death.

yesterday i thought that 2 were missing because i could only see one set of waving eye stalks above the substrate. but i looked around the tank and saw nothing amiss. well this morning i'm doing some other maintenance and discover a dried blue crab under a table. across the room. and i think to myself: aha! i knew that tank was way too quiet. then i think, h'mmm, i wonder if i'll find another one? and i do. behind a box.

so now i'm thinking, maybe that crab in the other tank didn't just die under the substrate like i was hypothesizing. maybe i'll find another dried surprise as i go about my week's work. isn't that lovely? yeah. i think so too.

again. welcome to the new year.


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