Friday, December 02, 2005

tangled web

have i woven a tangled web? have i practised to deceive? yes and yes. it hit me yesterday.

deception for self-preservation is still deception. does it matter that i am trying to make it truth? cat on a hot tin roof. beatiful play. tennessee williams has my vote. in fact he shares the top spot with edward albee. close second being shakespeare. but i digress.

or perhaps my deception is allowing me to be true. i wonder. at first it seemed so. the first one i admit yes. that is truth, not lie. but the second one was lie for lie's sake. and perhaps also for self-preservation. but now it is proving problematic.

options: 1. unravel and begin again, 2. continue along the way but put out no new shoots, 3. make it truth, 4. walk away and call it done...


Blogger paseasquirt said...

1 and 4??? You can do more than one right?

Blogger beanchild said...

if you're doing #1 & #4..., i'd think they were mutually incompatible since one includes a new start, and the other includes trashing all.

Blogger paseasquirt said...

but isn't trashing it all in essence creating a new start??

Blogger beanchild said...

to my mindset, beginning again involves extending trust, while walking away is closing the door and making the door unopen-able.


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