Friday, November 11, 2005

crooked paths

as far as i'm concerned, pat robertson's latest denunciation of those who denied a place for intelligent design in schools is another example that the man is a kook and a nutbag. i mean no disrespect in saying so. who is he to say where God is and isn't, and who God will and will not listen to?

speaking as a christian who believes that God created the world and original critters in 6 days, i applaud those folks who voted against allowing intelligent design into their schools. why? because at this stage of the game, it causes more harm than good. why? because the topic (and what it implies) is still too emotional for people to discuss it rationally, logically.

the two reasons i mention may not be the motivation of the folks who voted "nay." this is fine. they don't have to be. however it happened, the decision made was wise.


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