Monday, October 10, 2005

i wonder as i wander

i broke rank and went to a methodist church this past weekend. yup, fire and brimstone should have rained down from the sky and burnt me to a crisp. at least that is what the indoctrination has subliminally inculcated into my brain. but there was no sudden lightning bolt.

the church was smaller than what i have been experiencing these past 6 years. the hymns were pretty much what we sing. the order of service pretty much like ours. but there was no "hoopin & hollerin," and the sermon was short and to-the-point.

and i learned a few things there. 1 thing during the sermon that made sense of a confusing bible passage (matt 16:18's rock being peter's confession), and 1 thing of revelation (elevating the offering as a type of the crucifixion).

but how can anything good come out of galilee; how can any truth come out of a denomination other than ours?! the arrogance & perhaps even bigotry becomes painfully clearer. mea maxima culpa, because i thought i was above it. "...i am no better than my fathers," 1 kings 19:4 (last part).


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