Friday, September 30, 2005

gloves & food

i enjoyed this article. why? because of the fact that it is true. washing your hands regularly is safer than wearing gloves. and it is also true about the class issue. although i'd say more of a price range issue than class. firmly lower middle class, every so often i could go to a high-end dining establishment if i so chose. but i admit that i don't have the poise or clothes or self-confidence to enjoy my meal if i did choose to eat somewhere really chi-chi.

the thing that i thought was really apt in the article though, was when the author wrote, "Because in the end, it's not gloves, but engaged cooks—those who care about the outcome of their work—that make for good food, and safer food." when one cares about what one does, one does it better. q.e.d.


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