Thursday, August 11, 2005


There is at least one good thing about my now-15-min-longer-than-it-was commute. It gives me time to meditate on the "goodness of the Lord." I put that phrase in quotes because it is used so often that I don't want to use it; seems like the meaning has completely left and all that remains are the phonetic syllables, devoid of anything else. If you don't know what I mean, say "vaccuum" to yourself 20 or 30 times and then consider the word. Trust me that most, if not all, of the meaning will be gone.

But I have been recently using the commute time to consider God's works. Like the sky and the trees, the cloud movement and the wind. This morning, part of the trip was taken up considering the whole salvation thing. You remember, how God sent his son to save the world and all? Yup, that deal. But have you lately considered that the sacrifice was done before the earth was completed? And have you thought on what the ramifications are of the timing of that act?

I've heard it said that if one looks at something for long enough, that something can have profound effects on one's being...


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