Friday, July 22, 2005

beef stew

a nice thick beef stew would be wonderful right about now. with lots of potatos and maybe even carrots & celery. and lots of spices.
i'd have it over rice. plain brown rice.
to cleanse the palate, i'd have tomato slices (not the wimpy ones either!) with mozzerella cheese. over which drizzled some olive oil, and over which sprinkled some basil.
and to close i'd like strong peppermint tea. maybe iced. maybe. definitely sweetened.
yeah. that sounds delicious.

except that i'm not really a fan of cooking beef. go figure. ...the idea of beef cooking in my frying pan makes me shudder. i'd probably have to buy another pan and dedicate it to cooking of the meat-kind...

so maybe i'll buy some stew. and add spices.

i'm a little surprised by the craving actually. because i'm not a beef person at all usually.

perhaps i'm low on some essential nutrient.

i think that deep down, i believe salvation is based in part on what one eats. funny huh?


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