Wednesday, August 13, 2008

wading in water

i read a book last night. title: the veil lifted; or the romance & reality of convent life. author: eliza smith richardson. year of publication: 1869. <-- no wonder it was in the library's annex.

it is an interesting little thing. it describes convent life in 16 chapters, each one centered around a particular nun, novice or postulate. and each chapter is entirely devoted to describing a seclusionary convent as a hellishly, anti-godly, place of perversion against the human ├ęsprit.

what is funny is that what the author describes as being particular to convent life, can equally apply to religious life in general. the same aspects of soul-trampling, domineering, objectifying, and idolatry, are not specific to any religious group, something that this author, a proud protestant who thinks that romanists cultivate the spirit of the anti-christ, totally ignores.



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