Friday, August 08, 2008

route less traveled

once again, here's a link to libé's 400 culs (post date of 08/08/08). don't let the name of the blog put you off reading the article; it is fascinating.

to think that folks would actually actually actually prefer the false to the true. to the point of emptying one's wallet. living like a pacha? whatever. more like living in mme. toussaud's museum.

it is amazing. it is disturbing on a profound level.

personally, i think it has to do with high population to space ratios. remember those mice??

knee-jerk reaction = done.

more objectively. i think it's a very good solution for many marital problems. and for those of us who wish to have someone to come home to, but do not wish to deal with that someone's nonsense, this is also a very good solution.

i have one bone to pick with the makers though. where are les mecs?


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