Tuesday, August 05, 2008


i am an angry bean today. (well, most days, to be truthful, but today in particular.)

the foment and ferment could be due to lack of sleep, inadequate nutrition, coupled with the stress of acting pleasant. but i will be honest and say it is fueled by honesty.

yes, friends and neighbors, this inherently duplicitous bean has run smack up against honesty. what a hateful word. implying openess and freshness of face. implying pastoral living and sheepcrooks.

i spit upon that image.

especially since you have crafted it.

once more i am compelled to put on the mask (they're all THE mask, no matter how many i have; variants on the same theme, if you will), but today my face is having a hard time fitting into the confines.

maybe if i cut off an ear...?


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