Tuesday, June 07, 2005

airport security

take a read. yeah i know it's off msn, but take a read anyway.

Terminal Futility - Routine airport security won't thwart jihadists, but it does inconvenience and endanger the rest of us. By Christopher�Hitchens

so honestly, do we really think that terrorists are going to highjack another plane in the forseeable future? until reading this article, i figured the chances were pretty low because of airplane security efforts. i mean i know i no longer carry scissors with me when i fly, and i think seriously about leaving my crochet needles at home. not to mention that i wear shoes i can easily slip off because hey, i know they're gonna ask me to do so, so why make a big deal.
however, after having read this article... hey maybe i was wrong, maybe planes will be used again by crazies, whatever their nationality.

it does make me laugh though. we get reports about the ineffectiveness of airport security printed all over the web. what is that? isn't that what homeland security is supposed to prevent? i mean isn't this just advertising our readiness to be assaulted by domestic aircraft again?
not that i'm saying that these articles should be censored. not at all. i'm all for freedom of the press, and freedom to think & speak critically. i just sense the irony.


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