Wednesday, June 08, 2005

a little high a little low

and today is a day of the little low. i could put it down to not enough sleep, not eating properly, the rainy weather, or hormones. but i won't. i'll accept that i am on the edge of another bout of depression, without any excuse. and actually i haven't had one in a little bit, so... i should be thankful. and i am, just underneath the depressed.

so i've been working at this job since may 2. and i guess my body is reverting to elementary school time, because for the past couple weeks, no matter what time i go to sleep, my eyes pop open at 635am. kind of weird. when i wear an eyeshade i can sleep a little bit longer, but i wake up before my alarm anyhow. don't worry, i don't actually get up at 635. i wake up, tell myself it is entirely too early, and try to go back to sleep. but the whole waking up thing disturbs my sleep. and i don't appreciate it.


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