Monday, October 22, 2007


there are always choices...

but like the translator said, you should do the cost-benefit analysis and make an educated decision. the cost-benefit analysis isn't that bad, but making the decision <-- that can be a hella big step.

stepping off into the void
blue above, blue below
endless fall
spread-eagled, enjoying the wind
no thought for the end
sudden stop or gentle decel?

my math indicates that it might be time to make a change. okay, let me be honest, my math indicates that there is a high probability that a change is in order. however, i am curious about the path that i thought i'd not choose. how far can i push myself? how long before my body fails me completely?

for me, for now, i choose: slavery. ironic, yes i know. but all the while, i will continue to sharpen my field instruments. when the revolution comes, i am ready.


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